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Server Setup, Optimization, And Repair

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Tweaks, please remember I didn't personally write these! Some may contain duplicate/conflicting tweaks!

[*]Ineo: Getting max from your hardware. [*]Ineo: Server-level optimizations [*]Client Center KB: Changing Sessions table type to HEAP [*]Using Caching Methods
I've been discovering other methods to speed up page views.

Using Memcached
Tell your sysadmin to install the memcached server set it to use 128mb ram or so and add this bit below in the conf_global.php, of course replace the info with your setup's. You'll also need the pecl memcache module.

If you're running a cluster and the mysql server has a lower load I recomend to run memcached server on it.

[*]Ineo: Use UDG for MySQL connection

Update !

$INFO['use_memcache'] = 1;

$INFO['memcache_server_1'] = "SERVER ADDRESS HERE";

$INFO['memcache_port_1'] = "SERVER PORT HERE";
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