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Standings Charts for Voting & Sports?

Guest Stec

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Ok forgive me because first off I'm not even sure of the right terminology but basically what I'm asking is.......is it possible to improve on the voting system so that if a member or admin setup a battle of the bands for example such as in my first screenshot that the votes would tabulate in a standings chart like you see? Such a feature would also be great for sports oriented forums as well where rather than voting an admin or designated member could manually chart the teams progress through the playoffs for the rest of the forum to view.


There is a similar system in place for the ibProArcade 3.3.0 mod's tournament system as you can see in my second screenshot so I know it's possible but I would love to see this as a fully integrated feature that could be used for voting events as well as manually controlled for sports and other activities such charts could be used for!


If there already is a "mod" for exactly this purpose can someone please point me in the direction or does someone with the know how feel like taking on such a project if IPB has no intention of including such a feature in the future, thanks!? :cool:

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