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"Post Options"

Guest Mike Gorman

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When I get a request to Approve a Post, I follow the link to the topic entry. I look it over and then go to post it....

I looked under Moderator Options.... there were 9 or so choices there, but NO Approve Post or Post Options.

On the right side of the screen I saw an entry, I think it was Merge Posts.... so that could be it......

Rummanaged around for a while but found nothing that would be a set of Post Options.....

Went back to Merge Posts and lo and behold those seem to be related to Post Options....

Finally saw, Set Visible with the "( )" phrase, "approve posts." OK, there it was.....

So, here's my suggestion.....

Have the "right side" say, "Post Options"

then have the entries underneath that....

AND have the main part of the entry be: "Approve Posts (set visible)"
and the next entry be "Disapprove Posts (set invisible)"


Mike Gorman

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