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Request for extra functionality.

Guest root_1

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I'd like 2 add two points of functionality :

1. I'd like to see fuction which will show the last post in the thread on

yellow popup stiker, when pointing mouse to the name of the thread.

http://www.stilia.ru/Imageshack/uploads/bb70ed596a.jpg - (already done in vBulletin).

2. I'd like such functionality as default font, font size and default size

between sentences (like in Word - half, double) be connected 2 user profile

and be chosable from it's CP. It's little annoying 2 choose them each time

you've to answer multiply posts ... Better to do it once and make default. =)

If someone knows how to do it now in 2.3.3 - let me know please .... Ready 2 pay for that ...

Thanx ...

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