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[Suggestion] Attachment System

Guest BlackDrag

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I do use the attachments systems on my sites and it will be a good feature on future release to have the option to list, organize, edit attachments per members form their profile or a specific section in ACP but with more details than the existing one.
Something similar as the options you do get with the ip download...

First I made a post in IPSBeyond but I can't manage to do it in a good way, an d I think It will be another nice feature for a future version of ipb.

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I suggest a Turn Attachments OFF completely: Yes / No

set it up when you create the user groups, if not an on/OFF function will turn off attachments for all groups.. :P

it will be easier rather than uploading one file only

if i have more than 10 file it will be Cumbersome to upload it

Just wonder how many server can handle that and how many queries will be used... :blink:

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You can upload multiple files to a post already...

In order to have a feature where you can upload multiple files in one go you either need

1) A java applet: then we need someone who can code the java applet and debug it, there are other security things to consider with java, lack of support, etc.

2) A flash applet: same issues as #1

3) An unzipper utility on the forums: a better possibility, but requires users to zip all the files they are uploading first

All in all, multi-file uploading is not part of the http-specifications and thus is not as "easy" as some think it is.

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