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Bug with name changing when multiple cookies

Guest Christophe

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I have two boards for two gaming guilds. We moved from one the the other as the guild was renamed.
On the Previous guild my admin name was NAME1, on the new forum my admin name was NAME2.

I am the root admin on both. I logged in the new forums and then opened a new window to the new forums so I could read a PM that I got. I responded to it after logging in the old forums and then went back to the new forums (both separated servers hosting each forums). On the new forums my name was changed to the old forums name (NAME1). I had to go to the admin panel and change my own name.

The new forums do not have display names. I suppose this is a bug. Even being the root admin for both and sharing cookies, there should be NO WAY that my name should be changed because the server is picking up the old forums cookie by mistake or is getting confused.

Not sure if this had been reported before or if it is the right place to post it.


EDIT: Sorry I did not see the link above, please move to the bugtracker

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I don't think there is a bug. Two separate installations are just that - separate. However if your access information is the same across both, then you need to set a cookie prefix so that the cookies aren't shared across both.

I'd recommend submitting a ticket so we can take a closer look.

(As an aside, we can't "move" things to the bug tracker, because it's not actually part of the forums).

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