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Hide Tags Problem - Help Please!

Guest paramaz

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Hey guys I have quite an annoying problem that I can't seem to figure out..

It's to do with an add on I installed to my 2.3.3 version of the IPBoard, it's a 'HIDE HACK' add on that is obviously used to hide content until you reply in that topic. This works fine when I was actually viewing the topic, and I didn't have a problem, so in testing I did have to reply in order to reveal the hidden content.

HOWEVER -> when I went browsing around and went to view another persons profile page, in the list of Topics they had posted the content there was not hidden, instead I could see the tags on the outside and the content was easily visible to me.. I thought this was because I was admin so I logged on using an account with no special permissions, and I had the same problem, the content in the topic itself was hidden correctly, but when viewing a profile it is visible..

If I could get any help it would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you, and all the best,


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