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Speed fix's

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I currently have the fastest ipb boards, I've been looking into methods to release my methods to the public but not all that easy as most use apache :(

I've tested ETags (Expire) mod_expire, works on lighttpd, apache, etc. Could invision look into the future for ETag's applyed to the ajax pages for browsers to read like


When the tag changes (new content, etc) then the browser will continue the request from the webserver. This can also be implimented in other areas, quite simpily like the warn box's, they always take rather long to load too.

The next very large fix I found is combining the javascript files.

I've shaved almost 2seconds off the load by combining js files, IPS should look into their own script to do this with that the ip.board will automatically make the url (easiest way is jscombine.php?this.js,that.js) etc

Just a few suggestions, makes my boards load in 2sec uncached and .8 sec cached for the most part.

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