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suggestion: Advance warning System

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Actually I am very happy about the services that IP gives us and after purchasing the IPB licensed and converted from another board I give my feedback on the warning system to have these features:

1- Give the administrator to have the ability to set the time to be inversed and have automatic decrement and reason for the inverse.
this option will make it easy to the administrator not to track all warnes every week for example and inverse the warning.

2- Give the ability to have predefined reasons from AdminCP for the increment of the warning because every one have some known rules that useres frequently break it and regarded to them there is a time to have this warning incremented and after this it will be decremented.

if there's another suggestions I remebered regarding to this point I will post it here

Ali Al-showaikh

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I'd like to see the multi-moderation options replaced by a stock reply feature, or have one added. You don't always want to say exactly what the multi-moderation option says, and with stock replies you can modify what it says slightly before actually posting it.

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