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I recently sent an email to sales@invisionpower.com, and received this in return:

Hello ,

The following ticket was received by our system:


ticket content removed


To respond to this message, please visit this URL:


id removed

Thing is, I sent it from a different email than my client center login, so how am I actually supposed to log in?

Also, note that the url is index.php?appcomponenet rather than index.php?appcomponent.
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Login with your client center login and you'll see the ticketing system. The ticket will be there. As to the URL, it's probably a bug in IPS's Nexus software ;)

Suggestion: actually read the post.

Garrett, you have the ticket ID, right? I'd suggest emailing IPS again and asking them to attach the ticket to your account - I assume this is possible with Nexus so they should be able to do it.

Alternatively, you can try simply going to the (correct!) URL from the ticket, I don't know how Nexus handles "anonymous" tickets, but maybe it just lets you use it with a correct URL.
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