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Problem with users after conversion from phpBB

Guest batat

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Hi! I've a problem with users on my board after conversion from phpBB. Everytime i try to login, an error comes out, that ther's no username with that login. MySQL tables seems fine to me, so i don't have any idea what can it be. I've heard that after reminding my password it will work, but in my case, it does't. So please, help me :) best regards

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You can try to get customer -to- customer support on IPSBeyond :)

I simply said a ticket first as i have not seen many topics for conversion help on IPSB that was all :)

If it was a different issue like a skin problem etc , I would of said IPSB first as there are many people there who can help.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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