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Heck yes, I could use this. I have mostly given up trying to search for PMs that are more than a few months old. I also have thousands of PMs (my forum is over six years old, first running UBB then phpBB before IPB, with everything imported!) and it's useless trying to find old messages. I've actually had to run database queries to find important PMs from the past.

I'd love to see this improved upon.


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Could be useful, I'd like to see the PM system expanded slightly, My suggestion sort of builds on this suggestion

I'd like to be able to mark/flag PM's, like you can in Outlook almost, so you can flag important messages you have to follow up and then can apply a filter to view just those messages, or have them alert you if you set a followup date, or something like that.

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I vote for this, too. As a long time user (we've been with IPB since 2004 now), I can say that it is really needed.

Please give us a way to be able to moderate PMs in the same way we can moderate emails that the board sends out. We need to be able to quickly view the PMs a certain member has sent when we get reports that they are being a problem. If we can then notifying them (via our TOU) that this is a possibility, it should prevent some activity.

We occasionally have someone come onto our forum with the express purpose of sending spam PMs. We sometimes have a member who PMs members and upsets them by being rude. It is difficult to moderate something we can not see.

We need an IPB supported method of doing this.


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