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How to cancel my subscription?

Guest lost_dom

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Before anyone complains, I'm asking this as I desperately need to cancel my subscirption so I am no longer paying for it. I'm asking here, and not at IPS beyond because I forgot my username, password, and the email I used to sign up (stupid, I know, but I use tonnes of different ones and I lost track), so if I could get a straight answer here I'd be really grateful.

I'm on the $20 (

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Sorry if its obvious how to do this, but could you explain how to cancel it?


sure, go to paypal and log in, click on history, change the dropdown to subscriptions and set the date period so that it includes your signup date, open the subscription you want to cancel by clicking it, then choose cancel this subscription

long way to do it, I know, there might be an easier way to manage subscriptions :)
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