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formatting in text editor

Guest TCWT

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Can you change the number of times a highlighted block of content can be formatted to unlimited before it is unhighlighted on the standard text editor and fast reply? 2 is not enough, a lot of members format a block of content more than 2 times and the result is not what they desired. I don't remember how many times I have to fix it on posts and signatures.


I want to format the following with Georgia font, bold, size 3, red color, and italics.

[font="Georgia"][b]some stuff written on the forum[/b][/font][color="#FF0000"][/color][size="3"][/size][i][/i]

what it looks like:
some stuff written on the forum

As you can see, it's a mess. vbulletin allows you to format stuff unlimited times before it is unhighlighted. Many members including newbies don't know about bbcode and how to correctly format it with the tags. I hope you guys change this behavior, it's for the better.

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