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Having an Error when clicking on "The moderating team"

Guest anokha_laadla

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Hello all !!!

well im having an error in the Invision Board Version 1.2. when i goes to click on he " The moderating team " it gives the error given below:

mySQL query error: SELECT m.id, m.name, m.email, m.hide_email, m.location, m.aim_name, m.icq_number,
                           f.id as forum_id, f.read_perms, f.name as forum_name, c.state
                    FROM ibf_members m, ibf_categories c
                      LEFT JOIN ibf_moderators mod ON((m.id=mod.member_id or (mod.is_group=1 and mod.group_id=m.mgroup)))
                      LEFT JOIN ibf_forums f ON(f.id=mod.forum_id)
                    WHERE c.id=f.category AND c.state != 0

mySQL error: You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'mod ON((m.id=mod.member_id or (mod.is_group=1 and mod.group_id=m.mgroup)))
        ' at line 4
mySQL error code:

and the 2nd problem is regarding " My Control ". when i click on the My Control it gives nothing but a blank page.

please do help me...

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