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[Suggestion] Removal of "topic open / close times"

Guest AndyF

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I never really understood how this made it to be a standard feature...

I can see the value of it as a modification but i dont think many people do actually use it...

Just seems a bit pointless it being there, so (imo) im suggesting it be removed for 3.x.x (if not before) , there are a few more useful things that could be put there if needed... :)

*and yes i know i can simply chop it out the skin* :P

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To you it might seem useless, but that's just you... It may not have been something my moderating team requested, but it has been a big help to them. Like if they intend on closing a topic after X amount of time because the topic is headed in a not so good direction, but they want to leave it open for a short amount of time to let others make final comments on it.

There's lots of reasons... And there's absolutely no reason for removing a feature unless it was really hurting anything.

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