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Sorting/Exporting Banned Member's History

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Hello :)

I'm using IPB v2.1.6. I want to go back through several years of membership and find out:

1. Which members have been inactive after registering;
2. Which members were banned for being spammers - before and/or after they got their first post in;
3. From those category's of members from 1. and 2. when they registered and when they were banned
4. An easy way to export this info into Excel

The admin panel, as far as I can see, is a bit limited when it comes to this kind of info. I have been able to cut n' paste to be able to work out posts per day/per month. However, what I would also like to know is:

A. Why isn't there any data showing for the last day of each month when selected in the Posts or Registration sections?
B. Is the Number of Topics the number of threads started, and the Number of replies the number of posts - on the front of the Admin panel?
C. Do the things mentioned in B. include the threads and posts in the admin forums, or just the forums "out front"?

I know these are a lot of questions, but I have searched the forums here and couldn't find the answers I was looking for.

Thanks in advance.


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