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A few quick Q's if you dont mind

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Hi, sorry to post these here, but I have tryed everything to log into the IPS section for the last 20 minutes and I cant get in (tryed recover password, then used new password only for it to say its the wrong password, so I give up), so I'm hoping that someone can answer these quick questions here, before I purchase one of the community hosting packages.

1) If I decide to purchase the Basic Community Hosting Package ($10 a
month), would the site be hosted on IP servers?

2) Does the IPB come ready to use, like in the free 12 hour demo?

3) Is the free licence, free as long as the site is payed for monthly?

4) I haven't made anything like this before, would the Basic Community
Package be easy to use for people with only a bit of HTML experience?

5) I want to use it to post all info about my moms small company (about 100 or so customers I think) and for people to ask questions if they have any, would the basic package be ok for this type of business?

Thanks for any info you can give me, would be greatly appreciated.

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  • Management

Thank you for your interest. :) To answer your questions:

1) Yes, we provide the hosting and software -- a turnkey solution.

2) Upon activation and installation (by our technicians) the forum would be ready for your use, much like the demo. You may choose your own domain name or use one provided by us.

3) The license/software is included and valid for as long as your account is hosted with us.

4) Regardless of which package you choose, the method for modifying the cosmetic aspects of the software are identical. Most of our customers find customizing the look (logo, colors, etc.) to be a rather straight-forward process. Additionally, many of the resource sites, including our own (ipsbeyond.com) offer pre-made skins in various colors that you may find suited to your needs.

5) Absolutely. You may upgrade your package at any time, as needed. The basic package is a good starting point for any "fresh" installation.

Please let us know if you have any further questions.

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Thanks for the quick reply, most of my questions are answered now. I'm just a bit confused about the domain stuff >_<

If I chose a domain name from you, it would be "[insert name here].invisionzone.com"?

And, if I wanted my own domain name, then I would have to have brought it of somewhere else, so I cant use the community hosting package?

Ugh I've been researching this stuff all day my brains like jelly :lol:

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  • Management

Understandable! :)

If you wish to use your own domain, you may register it at http://www.invisiondomains.com (or any domain registrar) -- when selecting a community hosting package, you will initially need to choose an invisionzone.com subdomain (<yourchoice>.invisionzone.com), however, once your account is activated, we can switch that to whatever you'd like.

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