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[suggestion] Enlarge QuickReply box as text gets longer

Guest W13

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I came across a script (


) where a text-box is automatically enlarged as the text typed in it gets longer... I think this will look great for our Quick Reply box!

Looking at the code it's a pretty straight forward script, and something which is rather worth while, and worth while looking into further. The only problem here is, at what point is there a cut off point...? you could be typing a rather long quick reply and end up with a box half the size of your browser...? I'm currently working on an AJAX script for quick reply, to drop down directly inbetween the topic, the same principal as expand and close the forum, once you have clicked on "Add Quick Reply" it closes and reloads the page. This is something which I have been wanted to do for ages but never actually got around to doing.

Nice script and good idea.
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