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Hooking System

Guest Kfir

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My friend and I wanted to buy an IPB license, we had to use IPB 1.3 and we had problems with installing mods.
I don't want to buy IPB and find myself spending lots of cash on installing mods services.
Due to this we had suggested to purchase vBulletin and when IPB 3.0 is out which is promised to have the hook system built in we will buy it with a converter.
But the we thought why? untill 3.0 is out we will be already used to the board and will have probably a big community with lots of mods installed, why waste so much money for an IPB license?
I love IPB style more, it's easier to use, better design and much more features. But everyone knows the mods makes the most of the board.

Our site should be up in September and as I know it won't be released till then, but i think you should put it in the head after the release of IP.Gallery 2.2.
And I would be more glad if I hear from you that it's already in development and then I will consider if I should wait for it or not.

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You do release IP.Board has a components system? Alot of modifications out there are components, this means you upload the files, and most of the time no file edits are needed :) The components system does it for you.

As for the hooks system, I dont even know if it will be in IPB 3, and we dont even know if they have started IPB 3 yet, I believe they are working on IPD and IPN at this time :)

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