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Email problems with InvisionPower

Guest WraithW

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I just wanted to ask if there is a problem with Invision's own Email sending software? as every time I submit a ticket, I never receive an email response & I have to login to my client centre to see the responce to my tickets?

I am noticing that many people are not receiving replies to their emails / tickets & wonder why so many different email adresses are not receiving their emails

I have checked my Junk filters & spam folders etc & never see any emails from Invision in any of my folders

Is it possible Invision need to check their settings?

I bring this to your attention as looking at all the complaints from new potential customers there must be some issue & I am sure this can't do your reputation any good when potential buyers go elsewhere because they don't post such topics in this forum

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As I understand it (and I could be wrong) - there were issues with support ticket email responses (all other ticket department email responses were/are working fine). This was a bug in Nexus that has been fixed in the development copy.

Again, that's my understanding. In any event, it's something the developers were/are looking into. :)

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