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IPB2.2 now?

Guest Black_Cat

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I am Italian and I apologize me for my incorrect English.
I have sent ago a mail to the invision different times but I have not had still answered. How much is the response time usually?
However my question is this:
Even if is there now the ipb 2.3 I can purchase the ipb 2.2.0 however?
I have noticed that a lot of modses that I have found around for the net work with those versions.
Make to know me

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You can't download 2.2.0, but you can download 2.2.2, which is the final stable release of the 2.2.x series. Traditionally, they've offered the current release as well as the previous release (when 2.2 was latest, they offered 2.1.7 as well). Of course, I agree with everyone else here, if you are buying IPB, you might as well use 2.3.1.

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Black_cat, as I make alot of mods I can quite safely say that it doesnt matter what version you download, 2.2, or 2.3, 90% of modifications will work. And by 2.2.x, it means it should work on 2.2.0, 2.2.1, and 2.2.2 :)

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