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Speakeasy forum, banned

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To whom it may concern at Invision Power Services:

We on the Left thank you immensly for helping our drive to rid the internet of thought-criminals. It makes it that much easier in the future to carry out our other goals, such as returning the profits of businesses like yours to the people.


The People
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Indefinitely suspending the SpeakEasy forum for the reasons as I understand them to be, is an insult to the concept of freedom of speech and freedom of expression. It is my understanding that there allegedly were complaints about alleged offensive content in the forums. Certainly there were a few posts that may have been considered offensive (there's always a few people who feel the need to be extreme in any online community), but the vast majority of the posts were absolutely inoffensive. There was nothing posted on SE that hasn't been posted on countless other Internet forums.

There were quite a few very interesting (and nice) people posting at that forum, and to have Invision shut it down over some (alleged) complaints over some (allegedly) offensive content is in itself (dare I say it?) offensive.

So why exactly was SpeakEasy's account suspended? Can Invision give us some clarification on this issue?

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  • Management

We certainly do not shut down forums for "offensive" content - only for illegal content. Believe me if we shut down forums everytime someone complained to us that someone was saying mean things about them there would be no forums left online :)

I would suggest you contact the owner of the site in question for clarification or, if the owner is confused, have them submit a ticket to us and we can explain why the site is now offline. Suffice it to say there is a simple reason which we cannot, of course, say in public due to privacy concerns.

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