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My Brilliant Suggestion

Guest Louis6321

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My suggestion is that we need an inbuilt shout box. (can be turned on/off) and in edit user groups thr can be features like "user can view shoutbox" and "user can shout in shoutbox"

Just incase some ppl dont know what a shoutbox is, it's a small chat box at the top of the forum.

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I'd have to say "No" as well... and here's why:

A shout box is generally geared towards younger folks (I refer to them as the MySpace era). I can't lay an age as to what construes "younger folks", but I'd wager that the majority of folks who can afford and use IPB would be off put by a shout box.

Fortunately, as has been mentioned, it is available as a free modification and is easily installed. ;)

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