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No Side panel on reply or topic create?

Guest SmokeD U

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Well, i was just browsing through my new purchased IPB licence since converting from MyBB and when i look at the side panel which usually comes up it wasn't there at all, i was like wtf is happening, so i am just wondering if any of you have had this problem before and if there would be an easy fix for it.

P.S: i have also tried both skins and it doesn't work.

SmokeD U

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o ok, i have a account under SysopUK but hes under the group Expired Members and i cannot do anything lol, so i tried using the account i got with my IPB licence i goto create a username but it won't un go grey so i cannot click the button.

Ah i found the problem it don't work in Firefox needed to use IE

Edit: plus it didn't give me a password:S

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