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All the convertor worked apart from ...

Guest SmokeD U

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Well i got my IPB purchased Finally, and if anyone remembers what i said i was using MYBB and i wanted to convert to IPB, well i got the convertor installed all correctly, but when it came to transfering members it gave me IPS Driver Error.

IPS Driver Error
There appears to be an error with the database.
You can try to refresh the page by clicking here

But when i converted everything else it worked fine, every but members anyone know what i should do? even though the convertor was made for 1.0 no 1.2.9 so maybe that was the problem:S

Well i have also just noticed, that it put all the wrong thread information inside also, like there is a thread called forum rules and inside the thread it displays a completly different topic.

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there were actually some changes made recently to that converter, which haven't been uploaded to that public zip file. If you could submit a ticket to the conversions department, I could make sure you get the updated file, so you can properly convert your MyBB board.

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