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Some questions..

Guest Maria-C

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I am not sure if I am suppose to be here, but I need some information, and had nowhere to turn..

I am currently running 3 boards with InvisionPlus, and have for a long time considered to buy a license with IPB, I have written a mail to sales IPB but not got an answere.. So I`ll try here.

*I have seen that other IPB forums have Arcades with highscores on their boards.. Is this something that I can buy from IPB and get installed?

*And is it possible for me to alter the colors of a skin, where and how?

*Do I have acess to html on my board?

-I currently have a demo board with IPB and have to say I like very much, but cant find acess to html or anything like that, maby there are restrictions on the demoboards??

I really hope someone can answere these few questions :unsure:

Best regards


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The arcade plug-in is a free plug-in (not supplied by IPB).

If you purchase IPB, then yes - you will have access and the ability to change/modify the html and PHP code. But for obvious reasons, you can't change it in the demo version.

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