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Running a illegal IPB.

Guest impuLs1ve

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Sure enough, I was warned by the IPS Piracy Team for using a illegal board that I admit to using. Now, I was warned yesturday via email, and was asked to verify my license key, or insert it or whatever. I emailed the piracy@invisionpower.com email back (replied) and said that we may be purchasing a license this week. Will IPS take any other measures about this?

Second, are there yearly licenses (For $70-$75)? The lifetime license ($150) is ALOT of money. Thanks. (Unless the $150 is the yearly license, correct me.)

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Please feel free to email sales@invisionpower.com with any licensing queries, failure to purchase a valid license will result in further contact with your host, but if you've already emailed the piracy team they should be happy to work with you to insure that a valid license is purchased, or the forum is taken down if you are willing to cooperate, without further action.

Thanks :)

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