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Guest ~Dopey~

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So I were thinking...
and thought would it be possible to have the ability to click and drag the little sections in the Dashboard of the AdminCP.
Why? ...because the 'Admin Notes' is at the bottom and even on my large high resolution screen it's out of the way and to me and possibly other administrators the 'Communication' section is a little more important than say; 'Tasks and Statistics' section. Even if that isn't the priority arrangement for most administrators there may be other orders, either way; with the ability to click and drag will allow us to customise to our needs.
I suggest click and drag over other methods because other methods are a little more fiddly, for example; the use of arrows. I imagine the click and drag would use Ajax and I don't know how much of a task it would be to implement click and drag into the Dashboard but this is why I'm suggesting it, see if there's other methods that I haven't thought of or maybe my idea is a good idea and you may want to use this method? :unsure:

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