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illegal IPB Board!

Guest Armin100

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I have found a very serious case, a person named Rail is using IP.Board 2.2.0 that was nuked which is illegal, he didn't buy it at all. Not Only that but the person is also copying a forum name GlitchRock which has copyright on it.

This is the forum Rail Made: http://glitchrock.instantddl.com/

I suggest you take action and take the forum down. IPS you are the only hope for taking it down. Don't bother contacting instantdll because Rail is the owner of it.

Thank You,
Your Friendly Neighborhood Reporter,

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dude, you have no idea...

i knwo all sorts of people who have been using illegal copies of this software, no matter what, if someone makes a program, people WILL eventually crack it..

deal with it... you can't catch 'em all (sorry pokemon, but thats the truth... lol)

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