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Guest Sig Lonegren

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Dear InVision

I have been working with computers since the early eighties and have been on the internet with my own website since the early nineties where I designed my own purpose-built Forum. I give you this information to let you know that I am not a newbie, but at the same time, while I do like our InVision Power Board v2.3.1 (ID: 23004), it is undoubtedly the most complicated bit of internet software I have ever worked with. The following is a little suggestion that I believe will make working your Forums easier for most of us Forum Administrators who are not computer tekkies, nerds or, as they say over here in the UK, boffins.

Recently, because of the geometrically increasing amount of web-crawler produced spam, we reluctantly switched our board from one that anyone could register on to just for members of The Labyrinth Society (TLS). This means that when people join TLS, our Membership Secretary sends a monthly list to me, and I sign them up individually using <Admin CP/Manage Members/Add New Member>. I have discovered confusing wording on that page, that if you could change it, it would make life easier for many of your technically-challenged users like myself.

At present, here are the titles of the windows that we need to fill out on the <Add New Members> page:

Member Name
Member Display Name
Email Address
Member Group

This past month, I was sent a list of 36 of names of new that I needed to send each their individual <user name> and <password>. As you can see in the above <Add New Member> page, the words <user name> are not there. I made the mistake of thinking that <Member Display Name> was the <user name> that is asked for on the <Log In> page. When I realized my mistake, I had to send out 36 more individualized emails.

PLEASE change <Member Name> to <user name> on the <Add New Member> page. (or at least make it <Member Name/user name>)

Less confusion will make for less misteaks.

I trust that you can incorporate this simple clarification on your next upgrade.

Thank You,


Sig Lonegren
InVision Forum Administrator
The Labyrinth Society

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