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My Host Suspended Me coz of a fraud person

Guest koolasia

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What does this actually prove?

Anybody come on and register for a account and ask the hoster to come over to prove that you are real.

If you believe that there have been a mistake, then I would actually recommend that you log in to client area and submit a ticket to IPS. That way they can confirm if this Leen Davidison is real or not. And if he is, why would they believe that the board is illegal. As it could be something very simple that 5 minutes would take to sort out the matter for good.


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  • Management

Although we do not employ "Leen Davidson" - this is not an appropriate way to handle piracy related issues. As noted in the forum rules, this forum is for feedback and related discussion.

That said, since you wish to bring this public, I'm unable to find a proper license for your forum (which could simply mean, you've not entered the URL in your client area) -- you will want to contact us through proper channels to resolve the issue further.

Thank you.

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