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IPS website needs an update to include more information for customers

Guest sparc

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IMO, the IPS website needs an update to include more information for customers. Both new customers and current customers.

Here's a few suggestions:

1) The knowledgebase in the client center seems like a very useful tool. My suggestion here is that i think there should be a public knowledgebase that addresses the basic presales questions about each product. If there already is one, it's not something i could find easily.

2) I think either the Customer Support page or the main welcome page in the client center need to be redesigned to be more customer friendly. Basically use those pages to break down the support options. Tickets, Bug Tracker, IPS Beyond should all be explained on a page like that. i.e. a quick breakdown of where to get help with various concerns.

hope that helps.......

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Since Invisionpower.com started using IP.Converge, every user of the Corporate Board (this board) can login using his/her own email address and password so they have access to Client Area and Knowledge Base :)

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A redevelopment of the website content is planned for the coming months

good to hear that the website is being included :)


Another suggestion:

How about re-skinning the client center to something more in the vein of the Admin CP of IPB?

IMO, it's always easier to work with something your familiar with. Plus it gets new customers more accustomed to using your product.
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Another suggestion for the main page of the IPS website:

is the ipslink.com url really necessary? it's not even a company

Right now you have these urls that switch back and forth to different things. Personally i think it would be nicer if the urls were simplified to something less confusing.....

Here's the layout of what you have now that switch back and forth with urls....
corporate | community | business | hosting | client area

My suggestion is to change it up to something simpler like:
www.invisionpower.com - corporate
community.invisionpower.com - community
business.invisionpower.com - business
hosting.invisionpower.com - hosting
customer.invisionpower.com - client area

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I don't see why using subdomains on some section on the site. Hosting and Business is only derivatives from the mainsite and don't need a own subdomain for its own.

But my two cents is going for the ipslink.com domain. Why? And two forums. I don't see the need. The community forum is only spammed by people that can't read the rules.

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yeah, it doesn't really matter to me as long as it's one or the other without multiple domain names.

Something like this would work just as nicely:

It's simply too confusing with so many different ways of doing it.

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