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Member Profiles - bit of feedback

Guest Booth

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Just a little bit of feedback about the member profile pages.

For a start, I really like the profile functionality, however the way that the information is implemented coule be better (in my opinion).

For example instead of having the tabs that link to information, to have that information on the page although in an abbreviated way. For example the comments section should be at the top and are way too small.

Not that it should be a mess like MySpace but if it was more like Facebook it would be perfect.

Facebook example: http://www.facebook.com/sitetour/profile.php


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I really like the look of Facebook. If IPS implemented something similar to that for profiles, I would be seriously impressed.

It isn't that we (my members and I) don't like the current profile setup in 2.2/2.3 (in fact, we love it), but I agree that it could definitely use some improving. The three column design feels scrunched and clunky (especially on smaller resolutions.)

Comments would do far better with a bigger area. Room to breathe. Crammed into the column on the right just makes them feel bound and, again, clunky.

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hallo there :)

after a few weeks of 2.3 now i would like too add some feedback to the profile page too:

- the old profile page does have some additional infos (e.x.: most posted in forum...) which are missing in the new-sytel profile
- the new style profile page does not really focus on the person anymore. the left coloumn iss a bit to narrow.
- the signature iss also missing somehow. both avatar and signature are a natuaral way of recognize a member. so both should be placed at a more prominent location
- my members have difficulties with the settings. there is a settings section, and now there are some settings within the own profile. for ex. the comments and friends settings. also the gender setting is frequently searched. settings should all go into the settings section.
- there is no way afaik to 'revoke' a friend (delete myself from another members friends list)
- the member rating is not that obvious. rating with those stars is nice but not everyone understands that.

if there is some improvement to the profile section this may could be taken into consideration :thumbsup:

rock on!

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Even though the new profile system is quite an improvement, I think some of the information on the left side should appear above the tabs... Like where they are, and if they are online or not (that isn't very clear anymore).

Needs to be more balanced :).

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