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Couple Requests for Adding Moderators to a Forum

Guest Michael Merritt

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Hey, all. Recently, but specifically today, I noticed a weakness in the system to add moderators. It's great for adding a single moderator/group to one or more forums, but is rather inefficient for adding multiple moderators/groups to one or more forums. I think it should be updated to allow an admin to add more than one person or group to however many forums they'd like (it'd be cool if you're also able to do both single people and groups at the same time).

I don't think this would be too hard. A multiple selection box (whatever it's called) would do the trick. As for the multiple people, perhaps it could be comma delimited (unless you know of a better way)?

Also, it would be nice if, on the page where you select which abilities a moderator has, if you could click a button and have all them checked or unchecked (ala the forum permissions).

And finally, I feel that when the whole process has been complete and submitted, the admin should be returned to the same section they were on before, whether it be the main page, or a sub-forum page.

The moderation page works, but it could be improved.

Thanks for considering these things. :)

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