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Skin For Spiders And Skin For Members

Guest Tariel Zivzivadze

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I have two skins on my forum http://www.conference.ge

One is for spiders, light skin, standart IPB skin, with no midifications in it ... to enable the spyders crawl easier and take only important information with them [this also saves traffic]. The another one is the default skin for the members. I constantly update this skin in order to improve ... add modifications etc ...

Today I discovered, that several modifications I made to the skin were not depicted in the google sitemap. Specifically, I was removing many internal links for the SEO purposes [fewer internal links, more PR concentration on the index ... ], updating the template html bits ... many more ...

So my conclusion at this moment is the following:
I need to use the exact skin for the spiders I use for the members. This way the spider crawl may not be that effective [due to larger volume of information they will have to crawl], but all the modifications I make to the skin will be depicted in the spider results

I would appreciate to know what you think about my decision and its argumentation

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