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Skin Diff Format

Guest Nils

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I think the skin diffs you provide with updates are unneccessarily hard to use.

For example, you can easily miss some changes because of the amount of text (sometimes serveral screens wide) and the subtlety of some changes. Couldn't you mark all lines containing changes somehow? Also, the fact that the removed parts are still displayed in the normal text makes it impossible to copy/paste whole passages into own skins.

Why don't you display the differences like for example Wikipedia does, with the new and old text next to each other?

Considering the frequency of new versions and the amount of changes in each, this would probably save me and other people with custom skins a lot of annoying work.

PS: Are you sure the explanation for the colors at the bottom of the current diff is correct? Does green really mean 'removed' and red 'added'? Wouldn't that be pretty unintuitive and make some of the changes pretty nonsensical?

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