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[Feature Request] Assign Skin rights

Guest Staneck

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It would be really nice if a Administrator could decide which user groups are able to see Skins that got marked with the "hide from members" attribute.

This can be usefull while betatesting a new skin or offering team members a skin with less advertisement or special colors.

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This does seem to be such a basic feature that it ought to be included with all the other features assignable by group. How hard can it be? Some groups see the selector, some don't.

For instance, I just upgraded to 2.3.4. from 2.1.7. I was really perplexed that this option wasn't available. I have to do a whole new skin, but in the meantime, I'm stuck with the Pro skin. I'd like to get some help and feedback from my support team on the new skin, but the only way I can make it visible for them and not the general membership is to make them all admins, and I don't want to do that.

I have a hosted account, so a mod is out of the question. I have a hard enough time keeping "ownership" of my files and directories.

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