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Great service from Invision! Credit where credits due

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Just thought I'd take the time to give credit where its due.

Until a week a so ago I was a long term user of Teligents Community Server, and had build about a health forum of around 250,000 posts and 20,000 members. Since day one its been a pain and I've constantly had to compromise on what I really wanted to do. Support from the 'community' and the official lines has been mediocre at best. And to top it all off it was unfamiliar to most and just looked plan amatuer. None of its components really had a finished or integrated feel even though it was a commericial app. Eventually they 'upgraded' and introduced all sorts of new charges and a license agreement that crippled it use for people like me and was pretty well impossible to understand. So I bit the bullet and looked around for a change. In doing this I then found another failing, nobody in the world offers anysort of data migration from CommunityServer....until I stumbled across Invision.

Got talking to a support guy called Jason, and within 24hrs he'd converted my data to a IPB forum and set up an online demo for me. He was then there for me at every step of the way from helping to set up php on my windows box and setting up the forum on my site. Response has been pretty much instant when we overlap due to timezone differences.

Within a week I'm now running a board which is easily the most well recieved thing, by members, I've deployed to my site. Its a breath of fresh air. Out of the box it does most of what I want and with the healthy mod community I've plugged in the more unique features I need. The whole process has been great and I could not have imagined a more better suited solution to my particular needs.

Just thought I'd take the time to let others know.


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