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If you need help with a particular feature you should use IPSBeyond or a support ticket. However, you just need to login to the ACP and manage calendars (ACP => MANAGEMENT I believe). When you edit the default calendar there should be an option to enable RSS. Then, under the management tab, choose the link that relates to importing RSS streams. You will fill out a new import with the link to the calendar's RSS feed. Then, anytime a new event is posted publicly, a new topic will be created with a link to the event as well.

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I use the RSS method for a long time and it works fine (not perfect, but it does the job). Just liki Digi said: export calendar to RSS and then import the Calendar RSS feed.

When I first setup the RSS it did add the only event I had in calendar but now when I add a event it does not update.

here is a screen of my settings.


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