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Something Wrong with "client area"

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I am trying since morning to Update my contact Email address, But It does not seem to work. When ever i update the email, I am unable to log back in without reseting the password and using old Contact email login. :blink:

anyone know or facing the same problem. I have already submitted a ticket to update the email address for me "Ticket #384551"

But I think there seem to be bug, which is not allowing me to update the information and keep messing with the password when i ever i press UPDATE button.

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Same problem here.. The guy who used to work with me left one month ago so now I'm in charge on keeping up the forum. The IT dept. asked me to change the contact info and already have to reset 3 times the password and no change was made to that info... And guess what? Every time I have to ask the IT manager to forward me the new password info what like you imagine make me look as the silliest guy of the company. Thanks to the quality control that IPS puts in just one form...

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