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Admin Tool, email warning about keywords/key phrases

Guest Peter Gresch

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I am creating this community forum for a small community, almost like a larger extended family with distant relatives, weird uncles, crazy aunts, evil second cousins. It tends to get nasty sometimes when they get at each others' throats. Bad words filter is okay, but they can destroy each other merrily without using them and the board gets a bad rep for being a nasty place. Mostly it's the topics they sneak into the forums (even if not supposed to), and mostly that's about local small town politics.
How about an email notifier for admin or moderator when a certain phrase is posted (i.e. certain town councilor's name, the school budget's director, etc).
The admin or mod then can havea quick peek and decide if they family is okay or about to throttle each other across the breakfast table.
It would be a great help.

Any suggestions otherwise?


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