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List of feature suggestions

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Hey I have a list of feature suggestions for IPB, to make it biger and better than it already is:

  • IPB should have an integrated newsletter module with it, or at least release an addon. This willl make things much easier for admins to get returning visitors.
  • The 'My Assistant' could be enhanced to be able to reply to a PM through it, using AJAX or something.
  • Ability to make limitations on signatures e.g. no animated gifs, no images, font size, kindof like in vBulletin.
  • Ability to add links in the header and footer easily through an interface in the admin CP. Like the Contact us and stuff link at the end of www.adminzone.com.
  • Ability to rate topics.
  • Be able to send an email to members on their birthdays.
Good luck for IPB 2.4
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