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[Future suggestion] Manage the links on the top, and ad static pages.

Guest MindTooth

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I would love to see that possibilities to rearrange the links on the top.


  • Choose side.
  • Create links to board content. (Forum, topics, etc.)
  • Create links to static pages that uses the forum as the holder. (Ref. boardrules page)
  • Arrange order (From left to right)
  • Edit size, color, etc.
A page called About Us, Rules, etc. should be on the right side. As the board is now, I can arrange the portal shortcut to be as nr. one on the left side. Please add more suggestions to this tread..
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This can all be done in the skin. I don't see the point of the suggestion nor why it would benefit people to have direct options int he ACP about moving or sorting these links. If anything it would make skinning more difficult.

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Actually, it makes it harder because it removes the ability to control these links within the skin itself (just like the component links are mildly difficult now) because they will be dynamically created based on ACP settings. Not only that but, with the current skin system, it would require that these settings remain unchanged across all skins, which removes that much more from the creative palette of any designer.

This is a request for all the ppl that don't have the superior knowledge in designing themes.

You don't need to be a design guru to pull off what you are asking. You just need to know where to go. A question that is easily answered on any IPB support forum.
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