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[Suggestion] Animated Page Scrolling with Javascript

Guest MixOughT

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i dunno i'm kinda split... i kinda agree with kewlceo that it might be a waste of space and its not really needed and it could be slow however the example in you link worked really fast. I don't think i can hurt if it works well.

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its goes up in ugly way

It takes you to the top of the page instantly (without unneeded fancy JavaScript), i wouldn't exactly say it was ugly?!

This feature isn't for me, but it would be a 30 second modification for anyone that really wanted it.

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Wouldn't the top button be better if it was something like this:


(see bottom right) ? - instead of there being like tons of 'top' buttons.

Having it only exist once on the page assumes that those who use it will read all the messages on that page.

I tried removing the top button just to see who would miss it, and only ONE member complained, lol.
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