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Suggestion: Option to sort unread topics toward page 1

Guest SarcophaGuy

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I really hope this isn't a redundant suggestion.
I've been searching here and on the web for discussion of it without success.

I really would like an option to cause all topics with unread posts (orange icons)
to migrate toward the start of the 1st page.

Currently, as a topic ages out from inactivity it moves toward higher numbered pages whereas
topics that are active get bumped to the low numbered pages. I would like that behavior with
the (optional) behavior that all those with unread posts are moved to the low numbered pages.

In other words, to have the sort order by unread=true then by activity.

Why is this useful? I find it tedious to have to position to higher number
pages to find topics with unread posts when I've been away from a board
for a while. And once I find those topics (e.g. way out on page 4) and read
one of them, the Forum Jump "Go" button takes me back to the 1st page rather
than the page I was on (4 in this case).

This would allow you to easily find all the remaining unread topics remaining because
they would automatically pack toward the start of the first page.
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That seems to show new posts for all forums.

E.G. on the scifi.com forums, there are currently 10 pages under "View new posts"
comprised of topics from the many forums there.
Due to the huge volume, I can only keep up with 2 or 3 forums.

I don't know how this works internally, but after you read a topic,
and the orange icon shuts off, would it take server resources to
move the topic you just read after the last orange icon
(move it down and collapse the hole)?

If it's too expensive, I guess I'll live without it....
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