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Restrict PM's between Groups

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I have many Groups on my community and need some way of selectively controlling which groups can contact each other.

I have Public, Wholesalers, Manufacturer's, Trade, etc, and need the facillity to dissallow certain groups contacting members of the public group but need to allow the public group to contact them all.

Is there any way I can currently do this.?

And if not, can this facillity be considered for a future release or update.?

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The only flaw I see from above is that you want the public group to be able to contact them, but you don't want them to be able to reply back (because they cannot contact the public group). What it sounds like you are asking for is a sort of firewall. If public didn't contact groupx, groupx cannot send....else groupx can send. Even if something like this was set up, how is IPB to determine when it is ok to send? Perhaps groupx need to send a second pm with more information. (ok so allow it) Well, now the issue lies with...how is IPB supposed to know when it is not ok to allow anymore?

Other than that, I suppose a group restriction to pms sent to other groups.

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