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[Suggestion] Break-down of 'Most Active In' in profile

Guest W13

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I suggest there be an option to view some 'stats' on people via their profile. One that's bound to be interesting is a break-down of 'Most Active In', like so:

- General Discussion:
23% (44 posts)
- Suggestions:
22% (43 posts)
- etc.

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They used to list the most active forum in profiles. It was removed because of the high resource usage it caused. Since that was just finding the most active forum for each user, and you want to break down their activity amongst all forums, it would be an even bigger resource hog. Thus, not likely to ever be added.

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I got complaints before the v2.2.x upgrade because the percentage of posts members had in the forum they'd posted in most, didn't fit in with their post count. Deleted posts and forums with no post count increase contributed to the confusion.

With cached information, it would just be even more inaccurate. It's not all that important in the grand scheme of things, so IMO IPB did well in getting rid of the feature, while introducing others that are perhaps more interesting.

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