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getting the properties of [/quote] again

Guest abkareno

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i want to add properties to the version2.2.2

this properties was at the version2.1.7 and it have been cancelled

the explanation

when i sign at any text in the topic and then push on button of quick reply a box wil be opened and then i push on button of

the text i have signed on it appear in the box some thing like copy and paste

this properties was found in the old version2.1.7 and it didn't work at the new version2.2.2 i want to add it again to the new version2.2.2

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There were a few protests when they removed the feature, but they still went ahead and did it, so I doubt they're going to backtrack on that decision now.

I quite liked the feature, but perhaps it was too difficult to understand for most people.

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