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Please.. let we use checkbox...

Guest UncleRubbe

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I have a big board with a lot of forums, my network host a lot of user forums and we need to clear forums, reorder and make some stuff with a lot of forums at same time... this everyday..


make an intelligent use of checkbox.. not only for moderators... make something like select all forum and subforums, show an option like "KILL FORUM AND ALL SUBFORUM DELETING POSTS"...

it will be appreciated...


ah... another thing... when you have a lot of forum with subforums... why when i try to edit displaying order... why show all subforums in re-order list?? O_o

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Yes, but how often do MOST people have to delete multiple forums? I don't think it happens often enough to really warrant a lot of time making it quicker, when there are OTHER areas that people do use frequently which could be simplified/quickened.

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